How to create mail server Qmail with SME Server 7.x and 8.x

first i’m sorry if my english is bad,

Ok lets start it. …… if u more understand indonesia you better see my previous lesson here.

Now prepare the server,  update fisrt your server with yum update don’t forget to enable software installer in your server manager, like this : manage individual packages and select all the enable repositories and click save, see the picture …….
Buy the domain, and try find to manage DNS, in this tuts doesn’t discuss about DNS, like powerpipe, at powerpipe there’s a manage DNS.

Ok now point the mx and A ptr to your public IP and call your ISP provider to reserve your IP or PTR your ip

ok now pay attention this picture bellow

try to equal setting with my setting,

Now to mail filtering setting

For contect block, select all except last two lines, now go to your console, dont forget to enable remote setting yo open port

folloe this command :

config setprop passwordstrength Users none

config setprop pop3 access public

signal-event email-update

config setprop qpsmtpd DNSBL enabled RHSBL enabled

config setprop qpsmtpd RBLList –>signal-event email-update

Now client side…………

for incoming server use SSL with 995 port numbe, for outgoing server using port number 465 (SSL)

the wait until 2×24 hours to reserve yout DNS

Install White and black list

run this command to install it

yum  –enablerepo smecontribs install smeserver-wbl then

signal-event post-upgrade; signal-event reboot

for the detail setting like this picture bellow

last step is enable your proxy stmp server ……..


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